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Time measurement

We measure time at sports competitions in accordance with the regulations. We use the most modern equipment in the world, which measures with an accuracy of 1 thousandth of a second. In our work, we use active transponders (motor sports, bicycles, triathlons) and passive tags (running). During one weekend, we can handle up to 8 different events for several thousand participants. We support events of various ranks, from school or corporate competitions to the World Championships.

Measuring systems – design and implementation

We design and implement measurement systems based on the equipment of the Dutch company MyLaps or the German company Race Result. We install devices both on solid, asphalt and off-road tracks. In order to connect the devices, we use a fiber-optic network infrastructure or, in the case of distributed installations, a connection via the Internet.

Support for TV broadcasting

We provide TV producers with a special API, which can be used to download measurement data from our systems in real time. This allows you to easily and quickly illustrate TV broadcasts with current results or statistics.

Competition office

We offer a professional team, independent of the organizer and judges, to verify the eligibility of competitors, issue starting packages, settle prizes and bonuses, accept protests and manage the publication of results. We provide nice and fast service.

Presentation of the results

All the results of the competitions we support are placed on a specialized website. Each competitor will find there his detailed results, classifications, his place in the rankings. The results page is based on a database, so it allows you to create multidimensional statistics, summaries and comparisons. It remembers the history of starts from the last 23 years.

Applications for competitions

We provide a modern platform for registration of participants in sports competitions. Each application is subject to regulatory verification and is immediately confirmed by the payment of the entry fee. Our company works closely with PayU, which is why payments can be conveniently made in many different ways.

Press office

In cooperation with professional journalists, we organize and run the press office of the competition, providing journalists with comfortable working conditions, access to personalities hosting the competition and meetings with sports champions. The Press Office takes on all the responsibilities of promoting the event in paper and electronic media.

Reservation of starting numbers

We run online registration of starting numbers. For 14 years now, this system has ensured that competitors wear the same number throughout their entire career. Thanks to this, the competitor is more recognizable and can maintain his media exposure for years on the basis of a permanent starting number.

About us

For over 30 years we have been measuring time for a variety of sports competitions. We use the latest and advanced technologies with a precision of 0.001 s to settle disputes between players about which one is better. We use both active transponders (in motor sports, cycling and triathlons) and passive tags (in running sports). Our devices are coupled with modern software that we design and manufacture ourselves. Our qualified employees are the authors of all our websites, thanks to which we inform competitors about their results in real time, publish their results and create classifications, register entries, and book starting numbers. Many years of experience in cooperation with various TV broadcasters allows for quick and effective integration of our IT systems with TV producers. Thanks to this, each transmission from a sports event we support can be illustrated live with any set of measurement data. The largest event we have served involved 1,200 motorcyclists at a time, and the highest-ranking event is the World Championships in motocross, karting and sidecars.

Several of our staff are international FIM licensed judges.

Motoresults was founded in 1991 as a timekeeping company from the very beginning in motorsport competitions, where the speed of racing vehicles continued to increase and the differences between players decreased. At some point, manual measurements were no longer enough and specialized measuring devices and then fledgling PCs had to be harnessed. Thanks to the appropriate programming education, we managed to automate the measurements so that the competition became more attractive and the number of doubts and protests decreased to zero. As the first in the motorsports community, we started using the Internet since 2000 to present live results and publish them on the website Thanks to this, today we have a 23-year-old archive in which the results of all competitions we have served over this period are stored.


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